Рromotion Instagram

11 февраля, 2020

InstagramInstagram, being the most popular social network, has become a platform for communication for a large and diverse audience during its development. The majority of users here are young people, and not only young mothers, party girls, students and school leavers, but also young people attracted by the prospect of meeting an «interesting» girl. These circumstances make Instagram a promising platform for SMM managers.

A distinctive feature of Instagram is the account as the only type of page in this social network, regardless of who its owner is: an ordinary user, an online store or a brand with a world name. Here, an account is an alternative way to create a personal representation.

This is an advantage: the user does not need to spend time choosing the form of their offer when registering. If an account is created for a company, you can register it as a business account and buy instagram auto likes.

Advantages of business accounts

The main advantage of a business account is the ability to track real-time statistics of the user’s account, impressions of posted posts, the degree of engagement and interaction, the number of comments on each of the posts for a given period, and so on. You can also track demographic, age and gender data of the attracted audience, as well as the regularity of subscribers ‘ visits to the created page.

However, a business account has a drawback — it needs to link to a fan page on Facebook, where it gets fan information, such as the page type and contact information. Such conditions will be considered inconvenient by ordinary users who limit themselves to uploading images and increasing their ratings. Business needs it.

Stories (stories of account authors)

An original Instagram tool that allows you to shoot videos that last no more than 15 seconds or upload the most recent photos, then send them to the» top «of the subscribers’ news feed. The main feature of «stories» is their automatic deletion 24 hours after downloading.

This feature helps attract the attention of all current subscribers to new posts. The app’s relevance is constantly growing after the introduction of the smart feed in Instagram.

Live broadcast

For live broadcasts on Instagram, the user will need interesting stories to tell, or holding a kind of «question-answer» conference about the proposed product, but only if the condition is met that the audience will have something to ask the «seller», and the» seller » will know what to answer. Instagram’s features are good, but not for every business.